About Us

Chemrex's mission is to be in partnership with you to supply innovative raw material for the composite industry. We strive to offers you superlative service to satisfy your demand. With our offices located in China, Malaysia and Thailand. We have reach out across S.E Asia and to countries in the Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand.Given, our decade of experience in the composite industry and our long standing relationship with several leading name in the fiberglass manufacturing, we pledged to offer consistently superior grade products which has attained JIS, ANSI / IPC & ISO 9002 certification.



All directors of Chemrex had vast experience in the FRP industry. Our association particularly with several manufacturers has established a formidable partnership. Our expertise and dealing with the manufacturers has enabled us to tap the unrivalled comparative cost advantage of the FRP industries. Whilst we offer you our vast exposure in the FRP market, fostering this vital link, the prospect of quality and pricing differentiation can be problematical for an inexperience buyer in this market. With our intervention, you could absolutely eliminate such uncertainties and still enjoy factory pricing, due to our bulk-breaking orders.

Today, we have grown to become a major supplier of fiberglass raw material in Asia market. We foresee you too can stand to benefits in partnership with us to reduce your cost of production and hence profitability sizing the opportunity to use high grade FRP material.

Our committed team of professional staffs thoroughly trained to provide you with service above expectation, as we treat you not just our customer but also a partner in reality.