Aluminium Hydroxide (ATH) 1

ITEM : Aluminium Trihydrate ZLK 0204 (8 micron)


Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH) ZLK0204 (8 micron) , chemically designated asAl(OH)3. It is a non-abrasive powder with a Mohs' hardness index of 2.5 -3. and a specific gravity of 2.42. It is flame retardant suitable to be used in
several industries. ATH ZLK 0204 is a fine partical and easy disperse grade.
On heating to 200°C, it decomposes into 66% alumina and 34% water. This
irreversible process makes ATH an effective flame retardant.

ATH is also used as an adsorbent, emulsifier, ion exchanger, mordant, antacid, and filter medium , manufacture of paper, ceramics, printing inks, detergents , for waterproofing fabrics and in dentrifrices andantiperspirants.It isalso to be used in production of aluminum chemicals , major products are alum (aluminum sulfate), polyaluminum chloride (PAC), sodium aluminate, zeolites, aluminum fluoride. A raw material in manufacturing of glass, glazeand frits, flame retardant and smoke suppressant in plastic like: Fiberglass
cables,rubber products and carpet backing, raw material for fertilizer, and
fibre cement board products. An paper extender , solvent and water paint,
UV curable coatings, inks, and adhesives , polishing and cleansing agent ,mould wash and separating agent. It also can used as filler of cast polymer
products such as onyx and solid surfaces. Our ATH is produced by latest
technology with superior quality , high purity and constant performance

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