Carbon Fibre (Glass Fabric)

Item : Carbon Fabric 200gsm
Carbon fibers are manufactured in various sizes, specified by the "k" size of the fiber. The designation "k" stands for 1,000 filaments, so a "1k" carbon fiber has 1,000 filaments. A "3k" carbon fiber has 3,000 filaments in it; a "6k" carbon fiber has 6,000 filaments in it, and so on...
Since each filament adds more strength and also weight to a "fiber", if need more of weight or strength, just go up in fiber size, ie: A "3k" carbon fiber has 3-times the filament count of a "1k", 3-times the actual tensile strength, and 3-times the actual weight per given linear length of fibers.

Product Carbon Fabric 200gsm
Weave 2/2 Twill
Thickness(mm) 0.27 ± 0.03
(Thread count /inch2) Warp = 12.5 Carbon 3K
Weft = 13.5 Carbon 3K
Weight(g/m2) 200
Width (mm) 1500

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